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FlexLumen series

Flexlumen series are equipped with advanced fiber optic lighting technology, designed to provide unparalleled clarity and precision. Camera probe can be articulated in all directions*. Smallest cables with a diameter of just 0,95mm allows you to see where no one has seen before.



* 0,95/1,2 mm no articulation.

1,8/2,4mm 2-way articulation.

FlexCore series

FlexCore is a budget friendly option for industrial endoscopes. Camera probe can be articulated in all directions and comes with 6mm and 3,9mm diameters. Illumination is designed with traditional LED elements. 





Introducing the Professional Endoscope – an indispensable companion for automotive, construction, and building inspection professionals seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency.





THE feature

The heart of an endoscope is the camera cable. Articulating camera head is THE feature that distinguishes Visionome endoscopes from traditional devices. Why bother with just cameras hanging from the cable when you can just steer the head in to the right direction?

Image quality

Image quality is a combined result of optics, lighting and well designed image sensor. Not one can be overlooked. Visionome makes no compromises when it comes to image quality.

How small is small?

In need of a small camera cable? Our smallest cable has a diameter of just 0.95mm. In comparison a typical match is around 2mm thick. Small and flexible cable can enter even the smallest gaps.

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    With Visionome you can find the right and sensible device for your inspection needs

    Visionome’s Industrial Imaging Solutions

    Visionome is your trusted destination where affordability intersects with uncompromised precision in industrial imaging technology. Our dedication lies in delivering cost-effective solutions meticulously crafted to meet your inspection needs without sacrificing quality.

    Where Precision Meets Affordability

    At Visionome, we understand the critical balance between precision and cost-effectiveness in industrial imaging. Our mission is to empower industries with high-caliber yet affordable imaging solutions, ensuring every inspection, assessment, or analysis is conducted with utmost accuracy and affordability.

    Quality within Budgets

    We take pride in offering state-of-the-art industrial endoscopes that guarantee precision while respecting your budget constraints. Each device in our lineup is well designed, rigorously tested, and priced affordably, making precision imaging accessible to industries of all sizes.

    Adaptability for Various Industries

    From professional gearbox inspections to car repairs and construction workers, Visionome’s industrial endoscopes offer adaptability across diverse industry requirements. Versatile, durable, and cost-effective, our devices are engineered to excel in various inspection scenarios without inflating costs.

    The Visionome Advantage


    Flexible cables compined with user friendly joystick takes the usability to another level


    Gain precision at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality


    Stay at the forefront with our commitment to affordable cutting-edge technology devices

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