Visionome mobile details

Cable length 1m
Cable diameter 6mm
Bending angle 210 degrees max.
Bending control full 360 degree articulation
Insertion tube Polyurethane cable with Four-layer tungsten wire braided cable end
Resolution 1280×720
Operating system iOS, Android
Structure ABS plastic
Data port USB-A
IP Grade Insertion cable IP67
Battery life > 2 hours
Host weight 600g with battery
Power Li-ion (18650 Cell)
Warranty 12 months
App language English
Working temperature -10 to +50C
Probe working temperature -20 to +70C
Storage temperature -20 to +60C
Relative humidity Max 90%, no condesation


Cable details


Best value on-the-go mobile endoscope

When portability matters the most. Designed for on-the-go use. Mobile endoscope connects to your iOS and Android device. From automotive maintenance to industrial inspections, its compact design ensures it’s ready for action when you are.

Model Diameter (mm) Length (m) FOV DOF Bending angle Steering directions Light source Lens
MBL6010 6 1 100 degrees 10-∞ mm 210 degrees All way Basic LED Front view

Cylinder inspection example

Mobile MBL6010 is a perfect choice for automotive companies when it comes to visual inspections. The 6mm cable fits most locations with ease and the ability to steer the cable lets you inspect every corner.